The Garrison Petawawa Military Museums appreciate your donations which enable us to continually improve our exhibitions, preserve our collections, and share our stories of the sacrifices of our veterans and the long history of Garrison Petawawa.

Donations are put towards a number of ongoing projects:

  • House and ensure care of our growing collection,
  • Digitization of our archives for easier access by researchers,
  • Create new exhibits to explain new areas of our history and showcase artifacts,
  • Ensure outreach to school age children.

To achieve these ongoing projects, we require your support through monetary donations or gifts-in-kind..

St. Michael's Wall: Have your name, business or special soldier/veteran recognized in the Museum on the St Michael's Wall, as will all future donations in excess of $100 to the Museum. View donation form.

Airborne Stone Project: Purchase a commemorative grey granite stone in the Canadian Airborne Forces Memorial Park. The cost of this is $160 and open to people who were or are qualified jumpers in the Canadian Forces. Please contact the museum for more information or click to view the donation/purchase form.


The Airborne Stone Project was a fundraising initiative that was started to help support ongoing operations for the Canadian Airborne Forces Museum.  Stones can be purchased for a cost of $160.00 and to be eligible for a stone you must have been a qualified parachutist while serving in the Canadian Military.  Stones may also be purchased in memory of someone.

Please complete the donor form, and make your cheque or money order payable to the Canadian Airborne Forces Museum.  Thank-you for your continued support!

Ready to Make Your Donation?

Mail your application and cheque to:

Garrison Petawawa Military Museums
Garrison Petawawa
63 Colborne Road
P.O. Box 9999, Stn Main
Petawawa, Ontario
K8H 2X3

Online Donation Forms:

St. Michael's Donation Form


Airborne Brotherhood Commemorative Stone

Petawawa Military Museums Donation Form

For further information please call
(613) 588-6238 or email us

St. Michael's Wall

The St. Michael's Wall lists all donors who have financially contributed to the refurbishment of the museum displays as well as the future operation of the museum.  The Centennial Arch and Saint Michael's Wall were officially unveiled as part of the Garrison Petawawa (then CFB Petawawa) Centennial Celebrations on 1 July 2005.  Each plaque is limited to three lines of print. Each line is limited to 22 characters, including spaces and punctuation.

If you would like to financially support your Museums, and have your name, or the name of a special soldier/veteran commemorated on the St. Michael's Wall, please complete the Online Donation Form or contact us the information above.

Museums Donation Form

St. Michael's Wall Commemorative Plaque Details:

If you are intending honour the donor with a commemorative plaque on St. Michael's Wall, please provide the three lines of print for the plaque.
  • Each line is limited to 22 characters, including spaces and punctuation.
  • Please provide what you would like on your personal block.
  • You may use initials, first name only, nickname, or first name and middle initial.
  • In the second and third lines, please indicate the service you wish remembered and the years of that service such as ‘2 CDO 1977-81’. 
  • Rank and decorations will not be used. Standard unit military abbreviations should be used.


A minimum donation of $100 is required as part of the St. Michael's Wall Commemorative Plaque Project.  We certainly welcome your donations above the minimum $100.  If donating greater than the minimum $100, please indicate below where you would like that donation to be directed.


A photograph of your plaque is available upon request. 
Please indicate your choice to receive a photo of your stone.


After completing and submiting your form, please make your  cheque or money order out to the CFB Petawawa Museum and mail or deliver to the museums at :

Petawawa Museums
63 Colborne Rd
Garrison Petawawa
P.O. Box 9999 Stn. Main
Petawawa, ON K8H 2X3
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