The Museum serves as a positive influence in the community, broadening the scope of knowledge and understanding of the world we live in. The Museum enhances the quality of life of our community through the delivery of activities and events that promote an understanding of the contributions and sacrifices of our military forces. 

Garrison Petawawa Military Museum Mission

As an accredited DND facility, Garrison Petawawa Military Museum is dedicated to the collection, preservation, interpretation and display the history of the individuals and military units at Garrison Petawawa which have been, or currently are, stationed in Garrison Petawawa.

The Museums achieve these missions by:

  • Preserving and promoting the remembrance of our military past
  • Recognizing the service of Canada’s military personnel in peace and war through the education of the public, with emphasis on Canadian youth
  • Fostering of identity through the provision of training opportunities for military personnel
  • Nurturing an understanding of Canada’s military forces and their role in national and international conflicts and humanitarian effort

Collections Policy

  • The provenance must relate to the mission of the Garrison Petawawa Military Museum
  • Proof of legal ownership: all donors must sign a certificate of gift stating that they are the rightful owners of the object(s). By donating an object, donors are transferring ownership and custody of the object(s) to the museum.
  • The condition of the object must fall within the ability of the Museum to provide proper conservation and care. If the object is of significant importance, but the museum cannot properly care for it, other solutions will be suggested.

Due to space constraints, similar objects currently in the museum, and other considerations, donations may be rejected.

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