The Royal Canadian DragoonsThe Royal Canadian Dragoons is the senior armoured regiment with the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps, and has continually served since its formation in 1883.

The Royal Canadian Dragoons was called in to quell the Riel Resistance in 1885, and won a battle honour for its actions. The Regiment served with distinction during the Boer War. During the Battle of Leliefontein on 7 November 1900, three Victoria Crosses were awarded to members of the Regiment for gallantry – a feat unmatched by any other Canadian regiment.

The Regiment continued its honourable service during the First and Second World Wars, serving as cavalry, line infantry and armoured reconnaissance. During the Second World War the Regiment won ten battle honours. Since 1945, the Royal Canadian Dragoons have deployed with the UN and NATO to Korea, the Middle East, Cyprus, Cambodia, Somalia, Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo and Afghanistan.

Today’s regiment consists of three armoured reconnaissance squadrons, equipped with variants of the Coyote, a headquarters squadron and regimental headquarters.

The majority of the collection is held by the Royal Canadian Dragoons Guild and is housed at the Regimental lines. For more information visit  A small number of artifacts are displayed at the Museums, including the First Guidon, presented to the Regiment by HRH The Duke of Cornwall and York (later King George V), Sergeant Holland’s Stetson,  Lieutenant Turner’s medals and a number of other significant artifacts, including a First World War gas mask for horse!

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